Southborough Police Department Southborough Police Department
  Chief of Police

Chief Kenneth Paulhus

  Lieutenant / Detective

Lt Sean James

Lt. Sean R. James



Det. Sean McCarthy


Sgt. Timothy Slatkavitz

Sgt. Timothy Slatkavitz

Sgt. Ryan Newell

Sgt. Ryan Newell







Sgt. James DeLuca

Sgt. Heath Widdiss

Sgt. Heath Widdiss

  Police Officers
  Off. Brendan Campbell
Off. W. John Woodford III
Off. Thomas Rock
  Off. James Gallagher
Off. Keith Nichols
Off. Aaron Richardson

Off. Michael Whelan
Off. Kevin Landry
Off. Patrick Smith
  Off. Stephen Neivert
  Police Business Administrator
  Richard Mattioli  
  Communications Officers

Full Time Communications

David Maida
Michael Cunningham
Kyle Devincent
Cameron Chapski

Part Time Communications

John Thorburn
Charles Goodwin

  Reserve Officers
  Res. Off. David Hagen

  Special Officers
  Rick Mattioli
Jane Moran
Ron Mattioli

Kyle DeVincent
Michael Cunningham
David Maida



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